Cross MB1000

​The Mini-Bank 1000 is positioned for a small retail market as a low cost cash dispenser. The Mini-Bank 1000 features a complete modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance.

This unit is very comparable to the Mini-Bank 1500 machine with just a different physical body, and it comes with a 1,000 note cash-dispensing unit.

​The Cross mini-bank 1000 represents the best value in today's ATM marketplace. This high quality, low cost unit boasts several features, including the following:

6" Monochrome LCD
3 1/8" Thermal Printer
0-9 Numeric Keys & 8 Function Keys
Swipe Type Magnetic Card Reader
Large Capacity Cassette (1,000 Notes)
Illuminated Topper Sign
Meets Guidelines Established by Americans with Disabilities Act
Dial-Up POS Message Format for Low Cost Communications
Front Loading Service and Maintenance
Small Space-Saving Footprint
Remote Diagnostics and Program Loading
Dimensions: 52" high x 19" wide x 22" deep