Tranax MB1500

The Tranax Mini-Bank1500 represents the absolute best value in retail ATMs. The 

Mini-Bank 1500 inherits the unsurpassed reliability and quality of the MB1000 and MB2000. 

An eye-catching design coupled with numerous enhancements to ensure ADA, TDES and VISA PIN security compliance makes the Mini-Bank 1500 the clear choice for any retail ATM deployment.

The Mini-Bank 1500 has standard features such as voice guidance, encrypted pin pad and 56K modem. It offers a range of options to custom configure an ATM solution for any location. No other ATM manufacturer offers the same level of integrated design and built in flexibility. The Tranax Mini-Bank 1500 delivers high quality and high performance at a value price.

​A list of features include:

UL 291 Business Hour Service Vault featuring reinforced steel bottom.
Dial combination lock
Electronic combination lock (optional)
320 x 240 resolution of back-lit LCD / color display (option)
Dial-up telephone line instead of expensive leased line
1100 new note capacity
2000, 4000 new note capability (optional)
DIP type magnetic card reader
Thermal receipt printer for high-speed printing
Modular design for easy maintenance

Cashworks™ Check Cashing (optional)
Electronic journal stores up to 2000 transactions
Supports English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese (optional)
Availability for 7 on screen advertisement graphics
Detailed average history report feature
Error code description for easy service

Screen Size: 6” 
Mono/Color (optional)
Resolution: 320 x 240
Display Characters: 40 x 15 (Standard Characters)
8 Menu Keys

Lab Certified VISA compliant EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad)
10 Alphanumeric, CANCEL, CLEAR, ENTER, BLANK Keypads
Each Keypad has integral raised Braille symbols

Voice Guidance Port
Voice assisted operation available through the headphone jack on the front bezel