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ATM Concepts, Inc. is an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) committed to providing the highest amount of net profit from every ATM Terminal transaction.  We are sponsored by Prosperity Bank into various debit networks. Paycard Concepts is a registered ISO of Citizens Bank, N.A, Providence, RI, providing credit card Terminal processing. ATM Concepts can connect you to the Processor of your choice, we do not force you to a Processor of our choice due to pricing. We can provideColumbus Data Services and Switch Commerce with guarantee better pricing than what you are currently receiving. We process with WorldPay for credit card Terminal transactions.  


ATM Concepts has a Full Service Facility offering a wide range of services and products to all ATM Operators. Please come by our office and see firsthand what we can provide:

  • ATMs for sale

  • ATM Signs of all kinds

  • ATM Theft Protection, Alarms, and Tracking devices

  • ATM Installations and Service

  • Parts for all makes and models of ATMs

  • Bench Testing Facilities

  • 1st and 2nd Line Technicians. Our Technicians are ASP, TASC, and NH Pro Certified.

  • Training in Sales, Business Management, and Technical Skills

  • And much more

Established in 1998, ATM Concepts has endeavored to create strong, lasting relations with the business communities in the San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and surrounding areas. Among the first of the companies to provide Full Service ATMs to small businesses, ATM Concepts continues to strive for increasing the sales of all businesses, big or small.

Please allow us the opportunity to share what we can do for you. Whether you need help with your existing business, starting your own business, or developing your own ATM Route, ATM Concepts has the experience and technical staff on hand to help bring you success. If you are a business owner and want to own one of the most cost effective ATMs on the market, or if you want to bring higher profits or need service for your existing ATM, ATM Concepts is standing by to provide excellent service, products, and support.

ATM Concepts offers Merchant Services through our sister company, Paycard Concepts, a Registered ISO in the Merchant Service Industry, If you would like to provide Merchant Services to your existing customers, we can assist you in doing that and you receive the monthly income for as long as your customer processes with us. 

Contact us today at 800.299.3035 or

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