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Disclaimer Notice

Notice to all Independent ATM Deployers (IAD's), Multi-Merchants, and Merchants

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ATM Concepts, Inc. has made available online access to all ATM Processors Portals to all of its Deployers and Merchants. This online access is to provide detail information regarding Terminal Identification number (TID) so that all information is available to review, manage and correct when necessary.

In addition, ATM Concepts, Inc. mails a monthly Financial Report to all of its Deployers, providing detailed financial information for each TID the deployer has deployed. 

ATM Concepts, Inc. is available to assist Deployers and Merchants access their TID's information if they have lost their online access or are not receiving a Financial Report.


ATM Concepts, Inc. highly suggests that all Deployers and Merchants review their TID information on a monthly basis and report any discrepancies to ATM Concepts, Inc. so that necessary corrections can be made.


ATM Concepts, Inc. will not be liable for any discrepancies, errors, or mistakes not reported within a 30, 60,or 90 day period of the TID being generated.     

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