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The Hantle C4000P represents the ‘best in class’ in Retail model ATMs. With a classic design and built with standard features such as a 10.4” High-Resolution LED backlit color LCD, support for both modem and Internet communications and a wide variety of dispensing options

(up to 4 cassettes), the C4000P provides an upscale and versatile ATM solution.

New for 2013 the C4000P is being offered with a motorized cash presenter, this new feature is available with single and multiple cassette configurations and improves the customer experience by functioning as a bank ATM.

The C4000P allows for custom branding through 8 full-size (800x600) advertisement screens as well as the ability to upload a custom graphic to the customer receipt..

The Hantle C4000P is ADA compliant, includes a PCI and Interac certified Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) and can be ordered with an EMV (chip-card) ready reader.

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