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The Vested Interest Participant Affiliate Program is a program designed to expand your current company and generate more revenue without creating competitors. If you are looking to generate more money and create more free time for yourself then please consider the VIP Affiliate Program. You do not need to sell your route. You have worked to hard for what you built, don't sell yourself short. Email us today and allow us to share with you what we have shared with many IAD's in making their lives and business' flourish for years to come.


Implementing the VIP Affiliate Program within your exciting operations will provide your company the opportunity to grow exponentially. The VIP Affiliate Program allows you to open up your business to more relationships without the fear of them becoming your competition. Relationships such as:

  • Terminal Managers: a cost effective cash replenishment program, freeing up your time and cash, allowing you the time and money to expand your company.

  • Creators: active salespeople getting you new Locations

  • Investors: unlimited amount of money to help your business grow

  • Participants: grow your company by word of mouth without the fear of creating competition

  • Technical Staff: ASP, TASC, and NH Pro Certified

  • Bonded Personnel to assist with needed vacations relief. R&R for you and your family.

  • And much more



  • Non-Affiliate $95.00 an hour, 1 hour minimum. Retail Price on Parts.

  • ISO-Affiliate $65.00 an hour, 1 hour minimum. Wholesale Price on Parts.

  • VIP-Affiliate FREE 2nd Line Service. Cost on Parts.

Contact us today at 800.299.3035 or

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